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Retail Communication Mix

Best Effective Retail Communication Mix Tool to Generate Traffic

The retail communication mix definition is to make a successful retail business, good communication with the customer is important. The effective communication build strong bond with the…
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10 facts of digital brand


Digital branding is a brand management method that combines internet branding and digital marketing, online marketing to build a brand across a variety…
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How does technology change Traditional Marketing

Traditional Marketing Concept Traditional marketing is a form of offline advertising which reaches to the fellowship in the form of T.V, print advertisement…
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ekhie day 6 design

Best Effective Marketing Channels for the Business

What is a Marketing Channels A marketing channel is a set of people, organizations, and activities that work together to transfer goods and…
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What are the Major Components of Digital Marketing

What are the Major Components of Digital Marketing

What is Digital Marketing Digital marketing refers to marketing methods conducted through electronic devices. It is use of the web, mobile devices, social…
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How Online Reviews affect local Search Engine Rankings

How online reviews affect Local Search Engine Ranking

What is Search Engine Ranking Search engine ranking refers to the position a selected website holds within the results for a specific query.…
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How to track SEO results with Google Analytics

What is Google Analytics | How to track SEO results with Google Analytics

What are Google Analytics Google Analytics is a website traffic analysis that provides real-time statistics and analysis of user interaction with the website.…
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Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business

Importance of Social Media Marketing for Business?

What is Social Media Marketing? Social media marketing is the use of social media i.e.; to connect with the audience, build brand, and…
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How a great website can boost brand identity?

What is Brand Identity? Brand identity is the collection of all elements that a corporation creates to portray the proper image to its…
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How to Expand Facebook Ad targeting to the audiencess

How to expand Facebook Ad targeting to the Audiences?

What are Facebook Ads Target Audiences? A Facebook audience is that the group of individuals you would like to succeed in together with…
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